On June 20, 2020, I quit my $120,000 corporate job as a senior product designer. Coworkers were scrambling to hang on to their jobs amidst COVID while I was signing termination paperwork. I remember walking out of the FedEx store with a smile after returning my work laptop and badge. Friends, family, and haters thought I had gone mad. Why quit a stable 6 figures design job to pursue a side hustle of podcasting? What if the side hustle doesn't work out? Dad reminded me that I still had mortgage payments to make. Mom reminded me that working at a Fortune 500 company was the only way to get a good girl in an arranged marriage.

I have gone from making $120,000 to being broke in the past. Going broke was a blessing in disguise as it removed my fear of job security. I went for a run on the trail to clear my head. Running is a form of therapy for me to process thoughts, emotions, and events. Often I end up with spectacular insights towards the end of my run. Below are the insights from the runs in the past 6 months:

Soul Crushing Corporate Job Won't Make You Rich

Sure, you will make the big bucks working a soul crushing, corporate 9-5 job at a Fortune 500 company. But you won't be rich as you don't own your time. You'll have a beautiful house in the suburb and that blue beamer in the driveway. You'll post pics of your BMW on social media to signal your overseas cousins that you have made it in life. But in the end, you are just a glorified laborer with benefits. Unlimited time off is a sham. Free meals–how much are you going to fucking eat anyway. Just like a laborer, you clock in at 9 am and clock out at 6 pm. Try leaving early at 4 pm and see that look your coworkers give you! You don't own equity in the business. (At least you own a small part of the upside at a startup.)

You don't own the IP for the design you created but will have to settle for a 'good job' email from management. So while you toil away on the air-conditioned floors, the company shareholders are enjoying a family trip to Disney World. The truth is that you are replaceable. You are just a glorified laborer in this giant corporate wheel. I guess you already knew this. But you still tolerate it cause you need the job to support your fancy lifestyle. You are addicted to something far worse than heroin! I grew up in Gujarat, India. A state where working for yourself runs deep in the soil. When I was a kid, a wealthy Gujarati businessman told me, "શેઠિયા બનજો મજુર નહી". I have since inscribed that advice in my mind:

Be an Owner, not a Laborer

Addiction to Six Figure UX Designer Salary

I made six figures as a UX Designer which prevented me from focusing on side hustles!

I started making YouTube videos on open source software (mostly Linux) in 2012. I continued doing it until 2013 and then stopped because I got a job. I  could have been a YouTube star if I hadn't gotten addicted to the monthly paycheck–maybe not but I'll never find out for sure. The orgasmic feeling you get when you unlock your phone and see the salary deposit notification from your bank app. I would go to work on Monday and think about the next billion-dollar idea during lunch break. By Thursday, I had a business plan ready. Come Saturday, I would be chilling and watching Netflix. Occasionally bragging to myself that I was making 6 figures. (What is this obsession with 6 figures? Why not just reveal the actual number?) There was never fire under my ass to really go and pursue any ideas because I would get my next paycheck high pretty soon.

Even if I wanted to pursue an idea, how could I? By the time I got back from work at 7 pm, I was mentally exhausted. Waking up at 4 am sounds good only in a Gary Vee hustle porn video. Weekends were spent unplugging from work. But what about the downtime in a corporate job at a Fortune 500 company when there is no work?

Work From Anywhere At Anytime

My 9-5 work calendar when there was less workload

When you work at a Fortune 500 company, your calendar is like an Airbnb owned and operated by the company. Most of your time will be spent accepting calendar invites for bullshit meetings to talk about bullshit stuff. You can't say no, so you go. There goes that one hour you had decided to spend working on your idea.

Do you want to meet a genius startup founder or investor to talk about your idea? Well, you have to check your corporate calendar first. 2-5 pm looks pretty open. So you excitedly schedule a meeting for 4 pm to be safe. As you are about to head out, the Vice President at the company calls you to jump on an urgent meeting. (Everything is urgent at a Fortune 500 company except hiring, promotion and progress.) Dejected, you cancel the meet with the genius startup founder and ask to reschedule. But deep down, you know this shit will happen again. If only you could make something small and have it generate passive income to leave this corporate 9-5 hell.

It's 2 pm on a Friday as I write this essay from a cafe. No fucking meetings to worry about. No annoying email check-ins from a boss asking, What is the status update on the project or Are the wireframes ready–I fucking own my calendar! I decide when, where and what I want to work on.

Power of Uninterrupted Focused Work

It's been 6 months since I quit my 9-5 corporate job. Within that time, I have accomplished a lot:

It's not common for a podcaster to have a year's worth of content backlog. Because I own my calendar, I can schedule 3 interviews a week. I can think uninterrupted for hours on end on podcasting. During our interview, Craig Mod revealed that he was able to angel invest in Figma because of the cultural presence he had built via his blog. That was the inspiration for me to start this blog. Perhaps I get to angel invest in design startups someday.

Execute ruthlessly on your idea everyday. Your progress compounds up over time. Until one day, you realize you have enough podcast content to last all of 2021 and beyond. This is the true power of uninterrupted focused work.

Escaping the 9 to 5

Swipe the side hustle card and escape the 9 to 5 prison ;)

Podcasting is what helped me escape my 9 to 5 job. It's not making any money right now. I don't care because I hustle for access. I'm building a brand independent of employers. As a designer, I feel it's important to have a side project or side hustle to separate your personal identity from your work identity. When the work becomes less exciting, your side hustle will give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Take a Leap, Live Your Dreams

There is nothing wrong with being a glorified laborer if that's what you want out of life. But if you desire to own your time and live your dreams, you must set aside time to explore side hustles. I gave myself permission to focus solely on growing the Design MBA brand until June 20, 2021. Worst case, if things don't work out, I'll go back to a corporate job but still continue the side hustle.

Advice from three hustler friends that helped me take the leap of faith:

"You can always get a corporate job again dude. Hell I'll hook you up!" - Brian Sullivan

"Dude it only gets harder to pursue your side hustle once you have a wife and kids. Right now you don't have to worry about any of that. Go fucking all in on your side hustle!" - Tony Daussat

"Don't wait for your bank account to hit a certain number before you pursue your dreams. I wasted my 20's and 30's doing that. I have $1.2 million in my bank account now. Yet, I eat, shit, and sleep the same way as I did ten years ago. It's just a number on the screen man" - Naseem

Have you quit your job to pursue your side hustle? Or are you planning to quit your job to pursue your side hustle? Email me and tell me. I read every email!